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The core areas of modern IT management in small / medium company

Easy IT for management, where to start?

  • Data - Data Management, Processing & Presentation
  • Software - Local Applications, Web Applications
  • Auditing & Security & Established Set of IT Processes
  • Network - Local, Wide, Endpoints
  • Hardware - Servers, Workstations, Tools

Why to hire us?

  • Because we have sincere “problem solving” approach to your IT needs, however if that is not (and it is of course not) enough, then also:
  • we offer free and quick insight into your needs or IT problem - only after we are sure we can handle it and be indeed helpful we move to proposition phase,
  • we can always build on what you already accomplished in IT area, or we can rebuild the solution from scratch, or we can think up something completely new based on elements that you already have in place - whatever works best in your situation: both from functional and from cost efficiency perspective,
  • that is why we never start with the project pitch - what we do instead is we analyse your need or the specific IT problem for free, then we discuss possibilities with you and only after that we discuss the possible price and timing - all the time you and your company are in control of the process and are not obliged to any acceptance or carrying things on,
  • we offer quick turnaround times, with possibility of breaking project to as small steps as you feel comfortable with, all parts or steps can be billed separately what gives you additional security regarding the budget and project related risks,
  • you need more reasons? Please, let us know what else is important for you in solving your company’s IT needs!

Already have a project on your mind? Contact us at: b2b@jacobdatasolutions.com

In today business world, it is not enough to have the modern IT in place. That is what every business already have implemented. What makes the competitive edge nowadays are:

Efficiency – maximum utilization of implemented IT solutions, elimination of wastes and downtimes, pushing IT operation as close to its limits as possible

Security – meaning ability to protect all company assets, tangible and intangible, managed by implemented IT solutions

Expandability – that is potential to build on top on solutions already implemented, instead of starting again or taking steps back on every change of designed processes, operations routines or business strategies.

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